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Complete Lamps with housing on Sale !
"Complete" TOSHIBA TV Lamps with housing

(Full 120 Day exchange Warranty )

  • D95-LMP  23311153     $139.95   
TOSHIBA 23311153 (D95-LMP)  complete lamp for  46HM15, 46HM95, 46HMX85,
52HM95, 52HMX85, 52HMX95, 56HM195, 56MX195, 62HM15A, 62HM195, 62HM85,
62HM95, 62HMX85, 62MX195, 72HM195, 72MX195.

  • TB25-LMP  23311083    $139.95
TOSHIBA 23311083 complete lamp for  46HM84, 52HM84, 52HMX84, 52HMX94,
62HM84, 62HMX84, 62HMX94, 62HM15, 62HM14

  • D42-LMP    72620067    $149.95
complete lamp for Toshiba 42HM66

  • Y66-LMP   72514011     $139.95
TOSHIBA 72514011 (Y66-LMP) complete lamp for 50HM66, 50HMX96, 56HM16,
56HM66, 56HMX96 Subs to 75007110T

  • Y67-LMP   75007091     $139.95
complete lamp for Toshiba 50HM66  50HM67  50HMX96  56HM16  56HM66  56HMX96  
57HM167  65HM117  65HM167   75008204

  • Y196-LMP 72514012     $139.95
complete lamp for TOSHIBA 72514012 (Y196-LMP) 62HM116, 62HM196, 62MX196,
72HM196, 72MX196
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Y67-lmp lamp with housing
D42-lmp lamp with housing
Toshiba TB25-LMP with housing
Toshiba D95-LMP with housing