DLP TV Lamps
Mitsubishi DLP TV lamp Models
Lamps with housing

  • 915P020010  915P026010  $89.95
  • WD-52327 WD-52525 WD-52725
WD-52825   WD-52825G WD62525  WD62725
WD62327 WD52327 WD52628 WD62628 WD62627

  • 915P049010  $99.95
  • WD-52631 WD-57731 WD-57732 WD-65731
WD-65732 WD-Y57 WD-Y65
(See Service note for premature failure on this lamp)

  • 915P049020   $99.95
  • WD-57831 WD-65831 WD-73732 WD-73831

  • 915P061010   $99.95
  • WD-57733 WD-57734 WD-57833 WD-65733 WD-65734
WD-65833 WD-73733 WD-73734 WD-73833 WDC-657
WDY-577 WDY-657

  • 915P028010   $109.95
  • WD-52526 WD-62526 WD-52527 WD-62527
WD-52528 WD-62528

  • 915P043010   $109.95
  • WD-52530 WD-52531 WD-62530 WD-62531

WD65835 WD65C8 WD73735 WD73736 WD73835 WD73C8
WD73C9 WD60737 WD65737 WD73737 WD82737 WD60C9
WD65C9 WD65837 WD73837 WD82837

  • 915P027010  $99.95
  • WD-62827 WD-62927 WD-73727
WD-73827  WD-73927

  • 915B441001  $99.95
  • WD-60638 WD-65638 WD-60738 WD-65738 WD-73638
WD-73738 WD-82838 WD-60C10 WD-65C10

915B455011  $99.95
  • WD-73640  WD-73740  WD-73840  WD-73C11
WD-73CA1  WD-82740  WD-82840  WD-82CB1
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Mitsubishi 915P020010 915P026010 housing lamp
Mitsubishi 915P049010 915P049A10 housing lamp
Mitsubishi 915P049020 915P049A20 housing lamp
Mitsubishi 915P061010 TV lamp housing
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Mitsubishi 915P043010 TV Lamp Housing
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