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  • BL-FU250A BL-FU250C BL-FU250E "BULB ONLY"  $149.95
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Brauchla TV 1800 west Street Anderson, IN 46016  765-642-4976
  • BL-FU180A    BL-FU180B "bulb only" $119.95
EP751  EP756 EP757 EP758  H57 H76 H77 H78 H79
(item# BTV20)
EP716 EP719  SP.82G01.001 (item# BTV30)
  • BL-FP250A "bulb only" $149.95
HD7100 HD7300 (item# BTV20a)
  • BL-FP260B "bulb only" $129.95
TX773 EP773 (item# BTV37)
  • BL-FU200A "bulb only" (not available at present time)
EP755 EP753 EP750 H50 H55 H56 (item# BTV99)
  • BL-FP156A "complete OEM lamp with housing" $189.95
EP729  SP.82F01.001
  • BL-FS300A "300W OEM lamp "bare bulb" $149.95
EP759  SP.89601.001 EP910 HD7200
HD8000 HD800X HD980 HD930
(item# BTV20/300w)
  • BL-FU220A  "bare bulb" $119.95
HD72 HD72i HD73
(item# BTV34)
  • SP.87J01GC01  "bare bulb" $129.95
DX752  EP723MX  EP772  EP776  HD71  HD710 EP723  EP728
EP728I HD75   SP.87J01GC01  SP.88E01GC01  
SP.89M01GC01  SP.8AE01GC01   TX752   TX776  DX612 EP628
P-VIP 200/1.0E20.6  
(item# BTV36)
  • ES520 ES530 EX530  "bare bulb" $139.95
ES520 ES530 EX530
(item# BTV40)
  • ES520 ES530 EX530  "bare bulb" $129.95
  • BL-FP230D   "bare bulb" $149.95
H20 HD20 HD2200 HD180
EX612 EX615
(item# BTV41)
  • SHP69   "bare bulb" $149.95
Original "bare bulb" for these Models
BL-FP200B   BL-FP200C   BL-FS200A BL-FS200B BL-FU200B  DV10     DX650     EP732  
EP732H  EP738P  EP739  EP739H  EP745 EP752   H27  H27A   H30A  H31  HD32  HD70  
HD7000  HD720X  SP.80A01.001  SP.80N01.001  SP.80V01.001  SP.81G01.001   
SP.81R01G001  SP.87J01G.C01    
 (item# BTV21)
SHP69 optoma Phoenix projector bulb